Your Speech Pathologist

Speech and Language Pathologist


Wendy J Richardson

B.Sp. Thy., MSPA

Speech Pathologist (previously known as speech therapist)Reading Therapy

Making Communicating Easier

Qualified and widely-experienced Brisbane speech pathologist / therapist

Professional, friendly, supportive assistance for adults and children

Helping with:

  • Sound of the voice
  • Speech and pronunciation issues
  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • Expressive and receptive language
  • Fluency (stuttering)
  • Swallowing difficulties
  • Literacy for all ages (reading and spelling skills)
  • The language of maths

We are:

  • Brisbane based.
  • Our Mobile Outreach Services cover Brisbane to Gold Coast, Caboolture, Kingaroy and Far North Queensland.
  • Registered as a Panel Provider to provide services for children through FaHCSIA’s Better Start initiatives for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) including Aspergers Syndrome, and early intervention for children with Downs Syndrome, and other chromosomal and developmental disorders, and hearing impairment.
  • Recognised by health funds and Medicare.
  • Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) referrals (team care referral through GP’s) accepted.
  • Also registered with the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) to provide services to veterans.
  • Clinic-based and mobile services (home, school and hospital visits where appropriate.)

Please call Wendy Richardson

Mob: 0418 196 011

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What IS Speech Pathology?

What IS Speech Pathology?

Speech pathology is the name of the allied health profession which deals with communication disorders and associated oral movement issues such as swallowing. Speech pathology was previously known as speech therapy and practitioners are frequently known as Speech and Language Pathologists or SLP’s. In a typical Aussie fashion, they are also referred to at times as ‘speechies’.

Speech pathologists are trained at Universities in degrees which include subjects such as psychology (a major area of study), anatomy, physiology, neurology and other medical and dental subjects, education, and linguistics. They also participate in ‘on the job’ training throughout the four years, with clinical placements in schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

The core business of a speech pathologist is to assist clients to have ‘normal’ communication and other oral motor skills such as swallowing. Where this is not possible, they will strive to help the person gain as much skill as they are able to and want to, and offer help with other strategies including sign language and alternative communication methods.

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Speech Pathology for Children

A Speech Pathologist can help your child with speaking, listening, reading and spelling.

Excellent parents can still have a child with specific communication difficulties

Speech pathologists can provide services for children from birth to adolescence. Wendy-Richardson 2

These services will usually involve advice to parents, especially with newborns. Babies may have difficulty with swallowing, or have been born with disorders such as cerebral palsy, hearing impairment, cleft palate or various syndromes. Early advice can ensure as much as possible is done at the right time.

Kids feel sad and lonely when they can’t communicate

A visit to a speech pathologist can start you on the right road

With the help of a Speech Pathologist, a child can develop their skills, make friends more easily and enjoy life.

Talk to Wendy…
You might be surprised by what she can do for your child

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